Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google “Power” - From “Search” to “Rescue”

The Search Giant has proposed it’s own Rescue plan for the Environment and reducing U.S. dependence on fossil fuels - Clean Power by 2030 .

The web giant in a release posted on its site said: “While this plan will cost $4.4 trillion (in undiscounted 2008 dollars), it will ultimately save $5.4 trillion, delivering a net savings of $1 trillion over the life of the plan”.

Highlights reported in the Times of India :
The three basic elements of the clean energy plan are new transmission lines and policies like national renewable portfolio standard, new generation vehicles running on non-oil fuels and greater energy efficiency by installing smart meters and real time pricing.

Now that the Googloids have got this figured out can they start “searching” a solution to our Economic Crisis ! The “Do No Evil” company may do a better job of it than our Government has…..

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