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Cytotron : A cure for Arthritis ??

Very rarely does one come across news items about technology/inventions from the developing world sweeping across the globe. I have recently come across one such invention which can potentially revolutionise the way Arthritis is treated and can potentially alleviate the pain and suffering of millions.

The device is called a Cytotron™( . It uses Rotational Field Quantum Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR) for regenerative and degenerative tissue engineering and repair.

As per the inventor- Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar "The Cytotron™ is now being used for treating diseases like Osteoarthritis and Cancer. The treatment modality is non-invasive, painless and free from side effects. In the Clinical studies it has been demonstrated that Cytotron™ is very effective in curing certain conditions such as a damaged knee by regenerating the cartilage tissue in Osteoarthritis or stopping and reversing the growth of a tumor in cancer."

The technology has been developed by the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), a division of Scalene Cybernetics in Bangalore, India( .

More details at :

I have not heard much about this technology in the US media and am not aware of how far the inventors have progressed in getting FDA approvals. That would be a big first step before it can enter mainstream medicine in the US.

On another front, as my friend Ajay Singhal who brought this invention to my attention points out " India has come a long way.. from supplying manpower to do the cybercoolie work to Basic Research in cutting edge technology in Medicine. It sure feels nice! "

Latest Update (Nov 23, 2010): Cytotron: Exciting New Development


sukhbindar said...

Living in Ludhiana, India where the Cytotron has been invented and being the first post research centre to put it to use for arthritis and cancer treatment the comments of Deepak Seth are encouraging for the developing world. It is for the first time that cartilage growth and arrest of cancer cell division has been documented in this manner. However it is true but disheartening to read “not aware of how far the inventors have progressed in getting FDA approvals. That would be a big first step before it can enter mainstream medicine in the US.” It is disheartening as it shows our mental block of putting to the backstage anything that is not FDA approved. I am proud to say that it is an Indian invention and add that “you don’s have to wait for FDA approval to get the benefit of the treatment – anyone can come for arthritis or cancer treatment to me today”. I believe that if a treatment works it must be offered to the patients and they should not be deprived of it because of FDA. A treatment works irrespective of it being FDA approved or not. Dr.Kumar is great and greater is his concern for humanity. Dr.Sibia

Deepak Seth said...

Dr. Sibia,

Thanks for the feedback. I think you have misconstrued my statement. I am all for the use of this technology in various countries as per the medical regulatory rules of those countries for the benefit of mankind.

I have just stated a fact that for it to be used in the US it would need FDA approvals. This is true for any medicine/drug/medical device which has to be launched in the US.

Please keep reading my blog and sharing feedback.

Best Regards


Speedmaster said...

This is fantastic, I hope it proves fruitful.

Anonymous said...

Sukhbinder, considering you are a doctor yourself, I am sure you would be aware of several drugs and healthcare processes that have the possibility of curing one disease but causing injury to another part of the body.
FDA Approval or for that matter approval of our own desi Controller of Drugs or Indian Standards Institute is a necessary process to go thru so that unsuspecting consumers like me are safeguarded - however well meaning the cure/solution may be.

sukhbindar said...

Thanks Deepak your views are appreciable. About regulations I agree that regulations are very important but they sometimes stand in the way or delay the benifit being passed on to the patients as it takes a long time or expenses that may be difficult for the inventor to afford. There is no easy answer to this but I am one for regulatiuons to safeguard the patient's health or a sincere ethical informed approach by the doctor. We at Sibia Medical Centre try to provide honestly as much information as possible to the patients and do not provide any treatment that I would hesitate to take myself. - Dr.Sibia (

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by the advance made by this technology and beleive that this is a major break through
I am quite keen to know of the clinical evidence for this technology to date, and what is the enxt step in research (Phase III trials?) before this available to millions who are looking for a treatment for knee osteo-arthritis

(Senior Manager at a major MNC)

Deepak Seth said...

Response to RK :

A research paper on Cytotron :

More details at :

That site has some contact details to get more info.

I am not aware of any clinical trials.

I cannot vouch for the efficacy of the treatment but do hope that the inventors/promoters would go for some clinical trials so that their claims can be scientifically endorsed and any after-effects etc can be documented.

R K said...

thank you Deepak,

- I have now read the published paper from 2004 and noted the initial scores (which are very promising) on 30+ subjects on standard knee measures

- I have also read about several testimonials (including one from a close relative), and reported success in 70% patients (good), 20% (fair) and 10%(poor i.e. presumably meaaning no notable improvement) but in no cases, any adverse effect

- I have also come read about reported cartilage growth which substantiates above claims even further, well beyond claimed improvements which medics can often regard as due to built-up expectations although they cannot deny physical aspects of it i.e. improved movements

What I am still trying to put my arms around is :

- how come no (literally zero) Eu/NA media or medics have commented on this at all, given osteoarthritis is such a big issue ? Is this some sort of vested interest, plain ignorance, or simple rejection of anything that seems to come from the East ? Not one comment from/any where is a real surprise, given the potential this shows. I wonder what the inventors of the technology have to say about the lack of any media or peer coverage in the West

- I am sure the inventors are pushing for even more evidence and approvals, but I dont know what is the next step and when is it targetted to be completed

By any stroke of imagination, the kind of results demonstarted in the paper above, and ever since is much more than simply 'significant' in statistical terms or when compared to any type of medical research. In the papers I have come across, if only 5-10% of subjects would report improvements - it will be considered a major breakthrough. It is only sligthly short of a 'a complete cure'. Therefore, according to me, unless either of the two situations apply, this is a sure winner:

a) the improvements are temporary (although no evidence on this account)

b) the treatment is not safe (again, no evidence on this account, infact, on the contrary this is a no side effect treatment)

but the lack of ANY peer group critique and media coverage coupled with lack of clarity on next steps is equally startling, and hence I am truly perplexed

I wondered whether with your contacts and familiarity with the US markets, regulators and practitioners whether you can attract any peer and/or media coverage/critique ?

Deepak Seth said...


All Western science follows the Evidence based approach while Eastern Science often follows an anecdotal approach.

e.g. We can say haldi (turmeric) heals burns based on anecdotal evidence, however western science accepts that only after isolating the active ingredient and proving the validity of the claims through controlled clinical trials. That's the same approach they use for claims like "yoga reduces stress". They accept only after the evidence is documented and is not just anecdotal.

Centuries of anecdotal evidence is not a counter for even one well managed controlled clinical trial. That is the way of Western Science and there are lots of positives to taht approach.

So, I think it is imperative that the inventors/promoters of the cytotron conduct some clinical trials and publish results in peer reviewed journals. They should not shy away from this. It will be costly but the gains will justify the pains.

Just expecting western patients/medical fraternity to accept the treatment modality based on anecdotal evidence is farfetched.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. However, the inventors have published one paper in 2004 with strong evidence - although it is perhaps is less well know Aerospace Journal for Medical Research. Visiting the cytotron site shows that they are abt to publish end of Phase 2 trials paper too
What I am missing is complete lack of critique or comment on Paper 1, and dont know why this is the case, given the potential it shows and the world-wide application when nothing like this exists

kiwivalerie said...

My personal belief is that if it does not come from USA or great Britain, but from a third world country, it is suspect. Plus the medical establishmen would not like to know that this treatment works. It would put many of them out of the expensive work they now do. It would hurtBig Pharm adn th hospital owners. I just had this treatment done in Kosovo for arthritis of my spine, neck & shoulders, 2 knees, tennis elbow, hands and wrists, and i am very much pleased with the treatment. I am virtually pain-free and ready to hit some tennis balls again after a 4 year hiatus.

akt42002 said...

I have come across this great blog after a full day's internet search. I compliment Dr Sibia for establishing a centre specialising in non-surgical care of chronic conditions, part of which is this Cytotron treatment.
I am an internist practising in Gurgaon for the past 7 years. Prior to that I served as a specialist in Internal Medicine in Army for 23 years Yet. I never heard of the modality before. I see between 100 to 200 patients daily in D.L.F. City Phase 3 and safely say that in terms of number of patients( not revenue) I must be the leading doctor in this area(pharma reps confirm this). As a result, I am alays looking for ways to benefit my patients.

My recent interest in alternate methods stems from seeing complete reversal of ECG changes of ST depression and T inversion in chest leads in a 80 years old patient(present for last 7 years in every ECG), after he went through 35 sessions of ECCP in SAOOL centre Delhi. Shortly there-after, Week magazine published an article on it--the US FDA approval caught my atention. No one has ever spoken of the method in any Physician's conference I have attended. On searching I find that the internet is full of testimonials by patients.

While searching for ECCP, I came across Dr Sibia's centre and the cytotron treatment. Now, having experienced first hand, the efficacy of the cardiac therapy, I became a believer and have read all the reports here and on the sites of Bangalore and Ludhiana.
I wish they open a centre in the Delhi region too.

However, I have decided that I will now send my mother to Dr Sibia rather than go ahead with a scheduled Knee replacement. She had already undergone Arthroplasty at Gangaram2 years back with no improvement.

Why I have shared my experience is that there is an ignorance among main-stream doctors of alternative treatment--largely because of a reluctance of big houses to share the results in our conferences. ECCP is most popular in China with over 10000 centres.
I am sure that it is only a matter of time before Cytotron catches up. I hope I will be able to report first hand the result of my mother.
Dr Anil Dhingra

Anonymous said...


drsibia said...

Dr.Ramu. It may take some time for Cytotron to be available worldwide. We will appreciate if you can help provide information of Cytotron in Riyadh. If convenient please email me at so we can discuss how to make the service available to the people in your area. - Dr.Sibia

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Deepak,

This is Maryam from Pakistan.I am really impressed by your work.God bless you.I need your guidance.

My mother who is 44 yrs old has osteoarthritis.she underwent knee arthroscopy a month back and her doctor removed the damaged meniscus of right knee.she is advised to exercise which she is doing religiously but she still has alot of pain and difficulty in walking.CAN YOU PLEASE HELP US.......WE WILL BE THANKFULL.
my email adrs is

waiting for your response

drsibia said...

DearMaryam, Thanks for the interest in Cytotron treatment. You can see the details of the treatment on . It is quite possible that this blog created by Deepak Seth may help bridge the gap and build relations between our two countries (India and Pakistan) through Cytotron. - Dr.Sibia

Lauren said...

Dr. Sibia:

I have been avidly searching for information on the internet about the Cytotron since I discovered it a couple weeks ago.

I have hereditary osteoarthritis. If I am traveling a long way and staying for a month, I want it all fixed. My knees are unliveable, my hips are starting to be painful more frequently. I have a bad neck and shoulders and hands.

I don't want to hog the machine at others expense. The newer machine with over 800 guns has been called a whole body machine. Does that mean that there are enough resources to focus on all the problem joints at the same time? If that were the case, you could have everything fixed at once without holding back others? Is it possible to compare and see which is the best clinic choice based on number of joints involved? Is it better to plan on one at a time?

I am looking forward to seeing this treatment in Canada. My whole extended family can not even imagine the improved quality of life we are going to experience. I want to go skating. It is so exciting.

The benefit to the world is huge.

Anonymous said...

I am sunil from kerala, india. i read all the comments of cytotron treatment. could anybody tell where is it exactly this treatment is conducting? because people are making money by telling faulty direction. Recently in kerala also having one cytotron treatment center but i dont know whether we can belive it or not. the website of that centre is or could you give me the details of centre who give good treatment.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Please see this article disputing the Cytotron treatment

Anonymous said...

Dear Deepak, Dr. Sibia and other comment sources on this blog:

I was alerted to this blog by a good friend in New Jersey and feel compelled to respond to some questions and comments as we are directly involved with the introduction of the Cytotron in North & South America.

My husband John Augustus and myself, Prof. Meena Augustus PhD, from Bangalore, living in Maryland, USA are the inventor's Dr. Rajah VijayKumar's technology partners (of 20+ years of standing) in his efforts to introduce the Cytotron in the US/Canada and surrounding territories through our company called Shreis Scalene Sciences LLC (US) and SSS Canada (Inc) I wanted to update you that my husband and I are scientists and business entrepreneurs and together with Dr. Kumar we are systematically working towards getting the Cytotron 864 - that is currently approved by the CE body for commercialization in Europe, for the treatment of both muskuloskeletal diseases, including osteoarthritis as well as cancer- approved by the regulatory bodies in North & South America, like Health Canada, US-FDA etc. I am a cancer biologist with 25 years of experience in clinical cancer research and also co-founded a pharmaceutical company called Avalon Pharmaceuticals, in MD, USA to develop cancer drugs. We are following the very critical and important path, however difficult, to get the Cytotron to this part of the world through the right processes. Like one of the bloggers said, it is always important to have these approvals in place to safeguard everyone's risks, but in the mean time there has been substantial clinical evidence and data that has been audited by international bodies like the CE and Underwirters' laboratories for the Cytotron to establish it as a safe machine. However, regulatory approvals are very different for different regions of the world and we will know very soon if the data from clinical trials in India will be acceptable to US/Canadian populations by doing small studies here as well. Please also bear in mind that this is a business operation of no small dimension and requires several operational components, which is what my husband John and our executives in the company are focused on doing for the past 2 years now. We are very confident that we will be approaching these milestones very soon and people in different parts of the world will be able to access new inventions like the Cytotron equally easily.
For the blogger from Kerala who asked about the device in Kerala, it is best you visit our website and get the addresses of operational sites recommended by the inventor Dr. Rajah VijayKumar who has his institute in Bangalore. Dr. Sibia is treating both osteoarthritis and cooperating with Dr. Kumar for cancer patients, but the cancer clinical trials in India are being conducted only at Dr. Kumar's center in Bangalore. There are a couple of Cytotrons now in the Netherlands, treating cancer patients.
Please feel free to email me at should you have any interest in learning more about our efforts here in the US & Canada.Like you all, we too are very confident about the impact that inventions like the Cytotron will have on medicine and are eager to see these efforts fructify shortly. Meena Augustus for Shreis Scalene Sciences USA/Canada.

Rajesh said...

Being Deepak's Roorkee batch mate, I read his informative blog sometimes. While cytotron may be great therapy, I've seen another wonderful, zero cost therapy called Baba Ramdev pranayama :)

I can't say about Arthritis but I've first hand experience of my father avoiding knee replacement surgery by following Baba ramdev therapy :)

He's 70 year old and the knee cartilage was gone, extreme pain and some fluid was also filled in the knee. At first he tried many doctors in Kanpur and then my Brother took him to Bombay. Same advice by all doctors that knee is gone and knee replacement surgery is the only option. The fuild was also extracted two times but it used to come back.

Since he used to watch Ramdev's TV program and remembered him saying that pranayam can bring back cartilage. This time he took it seriously as he was scared of the operation and started doing it for 1-2 hours every morning and evening. For 4 months there was no improvement but after that pain started to reduce and after 6 months the fluid was gone. After about 1 year now, he is 95% normal and walk without crutches and does all house hold work etc.

I think Indian Doctors should do more research about effect of pranayam on various diseases. I've also benefited from it. My joints pain is now gone and eye sight is normal and don't need the reading glasses anymore. I think it works if done regularly and correctly. The downside is that only the patient has to do it.

Rajesh Tripathi

drsibia said...

Comments Dr.Sibia Part 1:
I fully appreciate the concern of Narendra Nayak and others and thank them for the write up ‘In the Name of Curing Cancer’ and the follow-up comments. Pseudo-sciences and science terms are closely linked. Almost every scientific invention has been in the realms of pseudo-science, miracle, dreams and fiction at one time – who thought 100 years back that even a bicycle was possible, leave aside airplanes and rockets. In our own memory colour television and mobile phone taken for granted today were subjects of fantasy. There is only a fine line between science and miracle – i.e. the line of reasoning. When the reason is known it becomes science till then it is miracle. I believe in Cytotron because it has a scientific basis.
No doubt cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and we are all interested in cures for cancer. Some or the other near and dear one of everyone has or has had cancer and we are all at potential risk of the disease. There are many lines of treatment for cancer but even the many “recognized and approved” ones are far from success and most have serious side effects to the extent that many patients prefer death by cancer to the discomfort of the treatments. The very fact that there are so many lines of treatment for cancer means that none of them is near perfection.
There is no doubt that a number of unscrupulous elements have tried to exploit this and have lined their pockets with the hard-earned money of the patients and their relatives. – let me add that unfortunately this is more prevalent than suspected by the patients. Some even put the big pharmaceutical companies promoting so called established treatments in this group with good reasoning.
While I do not entirely agree with the “miracle men” or “supernatural powers” of any religion (or without a religion) I do believe that the now well established science of Neuro-immunology may be responsible for many of the cures of cancer and other diseases reported by them. Silva Mind Control Method and several others are testimony to this. I believe in logic and always insist on confirmation with scientific methods of any diagnosis or progress of treatment with even the established treatment method. The same should be done with Cytotron.

drsibia said...

Comments Dr.Sibia Part 2:

I support exposure of quacks but also request scientific validation of ALL claims before rejecting them. It is illogic and funny when someone educated says “I do not agree with this” but when asked more details of the treatment he accepts ignorance of it. This is equally true about the comments of respected doctors who say they have not heard about it when there are thousands of results when we search for Cytotron or RFQMR on the internet. It tantamount to saying ‘it is false because I do not know about it’ and ‘if I do not know it, it does not exist’. We must be logical and accept or reject any treatment based on logic after toughly studying it and not reject just because we are ignorant. Another mind block is the ‘Not made in America syndrome’ i.e. refusing to consider anything not made or accepted in the west. Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. all need scientific validation. We must remember that Allopathy is an off shoot of Ayurveda and Homeopathy is an offshoot of Allopathy. The concoctions devised by rishi munis are basically ayurvedic in nature. As all these pathies are inter related and overlap each other let us not condemn any of them as there is logic in each of them. Many modern chemotherapy agents have extracts from herbs and hence can be termed as refined Ayurveda. Yoga too has its reasoning and hyper-oxygenation induced by the many yoga methods may be effective as the cancer cells are anaerobic and do not survive in oxygen rich and alkaline media. The term ‘integrated system of medicine’ has nothing to be condemned as it simply means using more than one system of treatment – integrating the different systems. It is very logical to do so when we have no sure treatment for cancer.
I believe that the word apoptosis is used by Dr Loknath are in the real sense and not to misguide. His MBBS qualification is no crime, in fact it would be a crime if he was doing practicing Allopathy without it.
It is for the information of those who may not know that there is a department of Radio-medicine in many hospitals and universities such as Jikei University School of Medicine (Tokyo), Beijing Medical University (Beijing), Zhejiang Institute of Experimental Medicine and Hygiene (Hangzhou), Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Xi'an, Second Military Medical University (Shanghai), etc. Hence let no one err on confusing radio-medicine with radio mechanic. May be the word ‘radio medicine’ will be better accepted when more medical universities and hospitals update themselves of it.

drsibia said...

Comments Dr.Sibia Part 3:

That no physician or oncologist refers patients for Cytotron is not entirely true – we have referred patients. I believe that for the majority of us education limits our lateral thinking and the more highly we are educated the less we tend to believe or even think or consider outside what we have been taught – unfortunately Cytotron is facing this problem that Lithotripsy, ECG, EEG, etc faced in their infancy. It must be remembered that many important path breaking discoveries have been made by persons unrelated to the field of invention. I remember one day discussing with Dr.R.V.Kumar the inventor of Cytotron “what would happen if Dr Kumar was a doctor and not an engineer”. I said that ‘then Cardiovascular Cartography and Cytotron would not have been invented as his thinking would have been narrowed by the medical education and he would not be able to think out of the box’.
Cytotron is a treatment device invented by Dr.R.V.Kumar that utilizes RFQMR technology and holds promise for osteo-arthritis, cancer and a host of other diseases. The clinical trials conducted at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine and published in the Journal of Aerospace Medicine and the initial result reported by users of the equipment are very encouraging. Cytotron is still in its infancy as even the simple ECG took decades to be accepted. We do hope that more clinical trials will be done so that its merit and limitations are better known. As of today we can say that Cytotron is a treatment option that is safe, effective, painless, with no side effects and the treatment should be done after informing the patients of the expected results and its limitations including that of limited statistics. I will not wait for Cytotron to be mentioned in the standard text books – External Counter Pulsation found its place in the Harrison Text Book of Medicine and Braunwald’s text book of Cardiovascular Medicine after being used in China for over 50 years. Was ECP any less effective before it received FDA approval and found its rightful place in the text books? I hope with Cytotron now having been certified for use by the European Union and it being available in the Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries this great invention form India will undergo more clinical trials and find its proper place in the medical world and Cytotron / RFQMR will soon become a mainstream treatment methodology.
About myself - I am Dr.Sibia. I am a qualified physician having done MBBS, MD(Medicine) and various trainings in India and abroad. We installed the world’s first Cytotron / RFQMR device at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana in 2006 after the clinical trials at the reputed Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore. I am available for comments at Mb: 09814034818 and email

Anonymous said...

I will not agree on it. I think nice post. Specially the appellation attracted me to read the intact story.

drsibia said...

For all those who have been critical of Cytotron I wish to inform that there is good news in this matter. We hope that with this Cytotron will get a fair deal from all those who fel "Anything MADE IN INDIA" is junk science. As the world's first user of Cytotron after the clinical trials it gives me and my staff at Sibia Medical Centre great encougragement. for anyone wanting more info please email me at

The Economic Times
Thu, Nov 18, 2010 | Updated 10.39AM IST
Indian wins US cash grant for cancer treatment device
BANGALORE: Cytotron, a therapeutic device to treat cancer, has been awarded a cash grant of a quarter million dollars by the US government.

The device known as Cytotron, developed by Indian scientist Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, received the funding under the US Government’s Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project, which targets activities to treat cancer and improve drug targeting and delivery.

The device helps a protein called p53 to kill the potential cancer-causing cells at the right time and no side effects has been found in conventional treatments for cancer.
“Cancer is like a terrorist. Earlier, they were normal cells, which go haywire. All cells are programmed to die after some period. And when this doesn’t happen, we call it Cancer,” Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, chief scientific officer at Scalene Cybernetics, an Indian Technology company, said.

Mr Kumar said that Cytotron can not only treat cancer, but also has the potential to treat diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
“Currently, there is no stand alone, whole body, multi-organ suitable therapeutic device in the market,” he said.

The device is also registered with for a clinical trial of multiple Sclerosis. The clinical trials for Cancer and Osteoarthritis have been successfully completed at the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), the research and development wing of Scalene Cybernetics.

“This grant provides long awaited validation and acceptance from key opinion leaders and medical fraternity,” said Professor Meena Augustus, executive vice president and chief scientific officer for Shreis-Scalene Sciences, a company formed by the US-based Shreis Cardiotech and Scalene Cybernetics to bring the Cytotron to the US, Canadian and South American markets.

The device, which is already treating patients from India and other neighbouring countries, is now poised for entry into North and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, following the USFDA and Health Canada-mandated clinical trials.

“The commercialisation potential of this technology which I have got patented runs into millions of dollars in markets such as the Europe and America,” said Mr Kumar, who started to work on Cytotron in 1987, but had to slow down due to lack of resources.
I am writing this purely with the technology in mind and hope will the the future of medicine.

Indira Ramakrishna said...

Sir... can this therapy cure the hip joint arthritis too..??? please answer this ASAP..

drsibia said...

In reply to the post by Indira Ramakrishna “Sir... can this therapy cure the hip joint arthritis too..???” – this is to inform that Cytotron can help regenerate the cartilage and hence if the problem of degenerated cartilage with no other pathology then it can be of help.

Anonymous said...
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Alan Abraham said...

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Anonymous said...

seems, it doesn't work for everyone... :( pls read the article from the leading newspaper Times of India..

Anonymous said...

seems, it doesn't work for everyone... :( pls read the article from the leading newspaper Times of India..

Priyanka Suri said...

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