Monday, October 29, 2007

To Bee or Not to Bee

As I watched t.v. last night, was pleasantly surprised by the extensive coverage given to the missing bees' and the resultant impact on farmers and food supply. Both 60 Minutes (CBS- "What's with the bees") and PBS ("Nature: Silence of the Bees") ran stories. Finally the media is waking up to this important mystery.

However, the cynical side of me said it was a coordinated PR ploy executed by the makers of Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie" (in theaters Nov 2) - let's get those stories about the bees' going so that there is more audience interest in the movie. No sweat, as long as a good cause is served.

Well, those of you who are avid readers of this blog know that we covered the story much earlier : Of Butterflies and Storms

The most poignant part of the story was the clip about Chinese farmers manually pollinating their fruit trees using a contraption made from chicken feathers. If I remember the stats right, it took them a few days to complete what bees can do in minutes.

Seems like we have not heard the last of this story yet. Bee right back..........


Speedmaster said...

I've noticed more bees than ever around my house in the last two years. Anecdotal evidence.

Deepak Seth said...

Speedmaster, that's where the bees are, at your ranch :-)

You just need to let them out.....

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