Sunday, April 15, 2007

Opinion piece : Gov. Spitzer's first 100 days in office

Read my opinion on Gov. Eliot Spitzer's (NY) first 100 days in office in today's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle :


Speedmaster said...

I'm with you on the healthcare issue, but I suspect we'd be moving in opposite directions. ;-)

I'd call for the elimination of welfare, individual and corporate, as well as govt. involvement in healthcare.

The best thing the state govt. can do for the economy is to get out of its way, stop taxing and regulating it so much.

DeepakSeth said...

You may end up being surprised by my position :-)

I am not one for govt. intervention. I just want a rational policy arrived at by all stakeholders (not just the govt., govt playing the role of facilitator). Healthcare in India and many other countries is driven totally by market forces. You get what you pay for. You can go to whomsoever doctor or specialist you want and in many cases specify the treatment which you want.

Welfare is also something which is totally against the ethos of first generation legal immigrants. "Hard work" and "education for kids" is the driving ethos. It's after a couple of generations that the zeal dies down and people get sucked into this welfare trap. I can bet that new immigrants (legal) are least likely to be on welfare and would be highest in creation of new jobs (small stores, start up companies).

This entreprenurial zeal of every new immigrant class over the years is one of major reasons for US successes . The British, Germans, Irish, Italians, E Europeans, Chinese, Mexicans and now the Indians- all worked hard to succeed and contributed to national prosperity.

Welfare if any should be targeted towards improving the earning potential of an individual rather than just handing out food/medicines etc. "Teach a man to fish, vs, give a man a fish". So I would support scholarships at colleges/vocational schools vs. unemployment dole.

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