Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fourth July : What it means for me....

Fireworks, Festivities, Family, Food, Fun and much more........ but most importantly FREEDOM. As we immerse ourselves in the celebration of this joyous day many tend to forget its underlying significance and what it means not only to all of us living in the United States but to countless others all over the globe. The cherished ideals of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness on which the Founding Fathers laid the keel of this great nation have served as shining beacons to other countries as they got rid of the colonial yoke and emerged as fledgling democracies. The Constitution of my country of birth - India was inspired greatly by the American Constitution.

In this day and era of Globalization, the "American Dream" is a "Global Dream" and for many of us like me who are not economic, political, social or war refugees, it is this Dream which bonds us to this great nation. A bond which gets strengthened with every passing July 4th.

The American Dream has percolated all reaches of the world due to the selfless actions of the thousands of American volunteers helping with education, medicine and disaster relief; the veterans who fought or gave up their lives during the World Wars to rid the world of oppression and tyranny ; the writings of American thinkers and philosophers; American Media (“Hollywood”) ; the American Tourist and Explorer who trudges the farthest reaches of the globe; the American Researcher and Inventor whose discoveries benefit all mankind; the American University which is a global magnet for students and academia ; and yes the American Corporation which has made the likes of McDonald or Starbucks global icons.

It's not the American Gun but the American Volunteer/ Businessman/ Scientist/ Tourist who has taken this dream to more people and that's the way it should be. We should want people to be peacefully co-opted into the "Dream" rather than being forced into it by "Shock and Awe".

"FREEDOM" is the cornerstone of the American Dream and every July 4 is a reminder to me that, even as we revel on this day we need to be aware of the responsibility placed on us to ensure that these Freedoms we take for granted are not eroded or encroached upon by overzealous leaders in the guise of external or internal threats either to line their own pockets or to impose their line of thought on everybody else. The inherent checks and balances created by the triad of an independent Executive, Legislature (Congress) and Judiciary needs to be preserved at all costs. No Rasputins (extra constitutional authorities) should be allowed to chip away the American Dream.

Wish everyone a great Independence Day !! Happy FREEDOM !!


Speedmaster said...

Very well-stated, Deepak! ;-)

I just returned from a week-long trip to Yorktown, Gettysburg, and Mt. Vernon. It was a humbling and awe-inspiring experience.

Dalip Gogia said...

Well said Deepak.Regardless of their differences with America on it's politics or role as a global policeman,the American dream continues to be cherished by millions around the world particularly the youth.The American consitution is perhaps the only consitution in the world which enshrines the pursuit of happiness as a guiding principle.

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