Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eliot Spitzer's First Year as NY Governor

Look Before you leap

There's a saying in Hindi which goes "Come Bull, Come and hit me" used in context of people who invite troubles onto themselves. I think this aptly epitomizes Gov. Spitzer's year in office. I think the biggest mistake he did was not testing the waters first before jumping in for two of his most controversial initiatives : his fight with Republican Leader Bruno and the well intended (in his mind) but ill executed illegal immigrant drivers' license initiative. And as the fires on these issues raged, the smoke from them camouflaged whatever he was achieving in other areas. As a politician he should have know how well his opponent was dug in; as an administrator he should have known whether he had the support of the administrative machinery to execute his policy. 2 big failures resulting in his current dismal ratings.

But he is a smart guy and can pick up the pieces and start over again:" A bold rider is never afraid of a fall, tis' the weaklings who walk on their knees who never fall" . NY needs his bold measures. Bold measures executed after due deliberations and consultations regarding political and administrative ramifications.

An abridged version of the above article was published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle today as part of a review of Gov. Spitzer's first year:

Letters to the editor: Grading Spitzer

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