Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Business Intelligence Chronicles Part 4: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Or should I say Raiders of the Lost Data. As BI professionals we are often confronted with Business requests for historical data ,to deal with product recalls or product litigation or for historical trending and for a myriad of other business reasons.

Obviously, the cubes and other reports cannot be structured to meet all these adhoc requests. They are generally structured for dealing with regular requests. For the purpose of speed and efficiency very old historical data is purged from the cubes and underlying models.

The source data warehouse too may either have the data or it may not if the data has been archived off site. In any case regular business users may not have either the security access or knowledge of the tools required to access this data.

To cut a long story short, a Data Archival and Retrieval Strategy needs to be part and parcel of any Business Intelligence Strategy. In the absence of a coherent Data Archival and Retrieval Strategy one will find a gradually deteriorating performance of the BI applications and lots of dissatisfied users groping in the dark to figure out the who ?,how?,where? of their requests for historical data..........

Well atleast till they find their BIndiana Jones !


Anonymous said...

I really love your chronicles for the humor and the truth behind it.

Thanks for BIndiana Jones, I had a good laugh at this one. What about BI Joe, the data heroe?

have fun and keep on.

Julien, from France

Deepak Seth said...


Thanks ! I need to make sure I include BI Joe in one of my next Tales ! Keep Reading and sharing feedback !!

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