Monday, August 16, 2010

Evolution of the Apple "iDevices"

Something funny I came across. Enjoy!!
And I don't mean "funny" in a disparaging sense....nobody blends "fun" and "innovation" as well as Steve Jobs.....

2016 iHome??


Yuv Mehra, IITR ChE '71 said...

Sorry, I didn't find it funny; rather very interesting and innovative. Talk about thinking out-of-a-box...I believe, Steve Jobs can't find a box as he is already way far away from any box!

Thanks for sharing the pictures about iApple devices.

Deepak Seth said...

"funny" and "interesting/ innovative" are not contradictory terms as you make out to be.

In fact in Applespeak "fun" and "innovation" go hand in hand.

Himanshu said...

Interesting find. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The matchless message ;)

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