Thursday, September 16, 2010

Frugal Innovation/Jugaad Example # 1

Jugaad or Frugal Innovation, a way of life in India is the latest corporate buzzword (HBR, WSJ, Businesweek, The Economic Times) in the US.

Doing more for less is the new mantra for success in a stagnant recessionary economy and nowhere is the spirit of doing more for less better epitomized than by "jugaad", called by some as "art of creative improvisation", using things in a way they were not originally intended to achieve an objective.

Here's how Wikipedia defines it : ""Jugaad" is also a colloquial Hindi word that can mean an innovative fix, sometimes pejoratively used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such or a person who can solve a vexatious issue. It is used as much for enterprising street mechanics as for political fixers. In essence, it is a tribute to native genius, and lateral thinking."

I would like to share on my blog some of the examples of "jugaad" I come across. Please share your experiences too.

How's this for keeping your footwear safe oustide a temple or on the beach:

Updating this post to add a link to another interesting article on Jugaad from the WSJ : Jugaad on the Road to Success

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Anonymous said...

This looks funny at first, but I think this is kind of thinking that we need theesdays in Hi-Tech world-simple but effective and very low cost..Yes and I am impressed.Wish we could apply similar idea to a lot of day-to-day issues in our life, particularly very expensive mediacl treatment issues and the world can be a much better place!

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