Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Future of the Web: A web visionary speaks

Came across this interesting and informative presentation ("Ten Questions Internet Execs should ask and answer")  by Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley M.D.; delivered at the Web 2.0 Summit at San Francisco on Nov 16, 2010.

Meeker is head of the firm's global technology research unit (Latest Update 11/30: A Onetime 'Queen of the Net' Heads to Silicon Valley : Meeker moves to Silicon Valley venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner) . She has been called "Queen of the Net" by Barron's and was named "one of the ten smartest people in tech" by "Fortune" magazine in 2010. Her prognostications about the state and future of the Internet are much awaited and respected. Meeker helps set the tech agenda in her annual state of the Internet address at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

The 10 questions Meeker asks and answers are:
  1. Globality
    Do you know which players in which countries do what you do better (or at least differently) than you do? Do you study / implement it?
  2. Mobile
    Ramping faster than any ‘new new thing’ – is your business leading or lagging?
  3. Social Ecosystems
    Would you rather be Apple, Google or…Facebook?
    Will their future directions help / hurt your business?
  4. Advertising
    Ripe for innovation – will your business benefit?
  5. Commerce
    ’Wal-Mart in your pocket’…location-based services…group buying power…flash sales… deep discounts…transparent pricing…real-time alerts / ratings…virtual goods...immediate gratification… Products must be fast + easy + fun.
    Have you ever seen ‘constant improvement’ in products like we are seeing now? Is your business keeping pace?
    Do humans want everything to be like a game?
  6. Media
    What does the extraordinary ramp in on-demand video usage mean for your business?
  7. Internet Company Leadership Evolution
    Shocking changes over just 6 years… are you prepared for next half decade of change?
  8. Steve Jobs
    What’s his ‘secret sauce?’ Does your company have it?
  9. Ferocious Pace of Change - What’s Next in Tech?
    When do consumers / enterprises & incumbents / attackers need you?
  10. Closing Thoughts –
    Large companies do not typically support rapid growth rates of the magnitude that follow… will these trends continue? 
Food for thought!...not exactly what you needed as you visualize the food laden platters for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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