Monday, November 21, 2011

Frugal Innovation/Jugaad # 4

Today was a Jugaadoo delight day, as I came across not 1, not 2 but 3 fantastic tales of Frugal Innovation/Jugaad.

It all started off when a friend forwarded me a chain mail about the experiences of the renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur as he  finds a hole-in-the-wall shop to get his expensive Blackberry repaired. Not only did he save a ton of money he left with a new found sense of admiration for India's pioneering innovative and entrepreneurial spirit : A Blackberry addict discovers grassroots enterprise in India

Let's see if he makes this the theme of his next artistic endeavor, it's been some time since Kapur dazzled us with his portrayal of Elizabethian intrigue and splendor.

As I was meandering through the search results for my search of the authentic source of the Shekhar Kapur story came across the interesting story of "Nano Ganesh"  from The Economist , a frugal innovator's solution to a common problem plaguing Indian farmers - how to start and stop their irrigation pumps remotely, his solution " – a mobile-phone adaptation that triggers irrigation pumps remotely – is saving water in India and helping more than 10,000 farmers avoid several taxing, dangerous long walks a day."

The trifecta was when I came across "Gogola" :

Innovation in its own way   

So this innovator is using the brand recognition of Google to drive people towards his own product - Gola - an Indian shaved ice concoction leveraging his location in a tech park frequented by Google savvy techies. I wonder if the Google attorneys will go after him for Trademark infringement/violations.....

If you come across any more, please pass them along.........


Ramesh Babu said...

Interesting post Deepak. During my days in India, I had personally witnessed and heard many such instances such as :

- Road side dabawala in Amritsar using haldi to fix a radiator leak in a Mercedes
- Lassi shop owner in Ambala using a washing machine to churn out lassies

- Maruta (a take on Maruti)is a popular local transport which is used widely in Punjab driven by oil engines - the same ones used for irrigation.

I was fortunate to have a colleague of mine who used to use an alarm clock based switch to get his immersion heater switched on so that he has his bucket full of water ready by the time his alarm rings at 5.30 AM in the morning.

Great and inspiring one to start the day.

Deepak Seth said...

Hi Ramesh,

Thanks ! Great examples. You may like to check out my other posts in the same Frugal Innovation/Jugaad series:

Anonymous said...
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