Monday, February 13, 2012

The Business Intelligence Chronicles Part 24: The difference a year makes! Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for BI

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms 2011 vs. 2012
It has been a year since I posted : The Business Intelligence Chronicles Part 20: The Battlelines are drawn: Traditional Enterprise BI Platforms vs. Data Discovery Platforms
Gartner has now come out with the 2012 version of its Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms.

The difference a year makes! Or does it?

Nothing much seems to have changed. The leaders  are essentially the same and more or less in the same positions. The same 2 players are the challengers, they have not been able to break through to the leaders quadrant. And, the niche players quadrant is as cluttered as ever.  What is a little disturbing though is that the visionary quadrant continues to be blank.

Where are the visionaries? The ones who are going to marry traditional platform BI, Data discovery/visualization, Google like search, Big Data, Data Mining, realtime Geo-location, Gamification, Twitter like notifications and deploy it via a socially pervasive framework like Facebook throughout the user community.

Btw, if this quadrant is based on surveys and data as part of a scientific process, why is it called "Magic"?

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Ramesh Babu said...

Indeed it's in the expected lines Deepak. It appears that the biggies are not driving innovation and hence the 'visionaries' quadrant is empty. Or other way to look at it is that the visionaries have been acquired by the biggies.

I did mention this in my blog post on this exactly an year before at But it's a glaring one to find none getting featured as 'visionaries' from an industry which harps on it always.

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