Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Enterprise Architecture: Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

Communicate. This is probably the single most important aspect of an architect's job. Fundamentally, architects are in the role of communicator. After they establish and formalize a solution, they need to communicate that solution as well as its importance and value to stakeholders throughout the organization.
These words of wisdom come from "10 Key Skills Architects Must Have to Deliver Value" . I would go a step farther and say that even "establishing and formalizing a solution" hinges on effective communications with all stakeholders.
Gartner has also identified "Not Spending Enough Time on Communications"and "Not Communicating the Impact" among the "Ten Enterprise Architecture Pitfalls"
But sadly, Communications training would be the last thing on the leaders of Enterprise Architecture minds as they finalize the training plans and budgets for their teams for 2015. More likely than not most dollars will be spent on developing some technical or architectural skills and acquiring certificationsrelated to those. Enterprise Architects as individuals are also likely to ignore it as one of the key skills they need to burnish during the year.
And I would not be surprised if key stakeholders would include lack of communication or ineffective communication as one of their pet peeves about Enterprise Architecture.
Why is it so? Traditionally Enterprise Architects it seems like have viewed themselves as builders of the better mousetrap - "If we build a better mousetrap, people will beat a path to our door" or "we are the geeks, communications is a skill we don't need".
But The Times They Are A-Changin' . Communications is Key esp. given the fast pace of Change.
And so my advice to you the Enterprise Architect - Make Communications one of the key skills you will burnish/sharpen during the year.
And to Enterprise Architecture leaders - Make sure Communications is on your teams' development agenda.
It will be a gift to yourself and your teams which will pay rich dividends.
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