Friday, June 2, 2017

My Copier/Toaster Knows I Am Angry!: Building Emotion AI in Devices.

What if your Copier or your Toaster knew you were getting angry or were in a hurry and could change device settings appropriately to deal with that ?
Emotion AI is emerging as a major tool with applications across many industries. Per KBR Research Global Emotion Detection market expected to grow to $29B by 2022 at CAGR of 27.4%
Think of Cars that sense fatigue, distraction and occupant mood. Car senses that you are getting angry and could make your brakes more responsive?
The same technology can be integrated into many of our devices. This is part of trend to humanize technology with Emotion Intelligence by enabling machines to be emotion-aware and by allowing consumers and businesses to get emotion analytics.
Current technology (viz. Affectiva) leverages facial recognition and a vast database linking facial expressions with emotions. In the future the sensing can be tactile too. Your smartphone senses/detects that you are intoxicated or sleep deprived based on the way you are handling the device or the way you are typing and blocks you from sending any tweets saving you from embarrassment later on (Save you from a #covfefe moment!).
Think of your printer or toaster with camera sensors to detect your mood or better still, ones that leverage the built-in camera of smartphones to sense your mood as you use them to engage with other devices.
Yes Copier I am in a hurry, print out those copies faster, high resolution not needed!

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