Friday, March 7, 2008

English : Quo Vadis?

Which one do you think is correct "I am thinking it's going to rain" or "I think it's going to rain" ?

Well, as per one of the world's foremost experts and author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, Professor David Crystal, the future might see more prevalence of the 'I am thinking, I am feeling, I am seeing' construct rather than 'I think, I feel, I see'...

The reason being the evolution of a new kind of Standard English with pronounced Indian characteristics. Indians tend to use the present continuous where Americans/Britons would use the present simple.

"In language, numbers count. There are more people speaking English in India than in the rest of the native English-speaking world. As the Indian economy grows, so might the influence of Indian English," he explained.

Interesting article :Indian English will conquer globe: Expert

Having lived in all 3 countries- UK, India and the US I am yet to figure out which category my English falls under. I do know that I spell "color" and not "colour" but I do end up saying "zed" instead of "zee" for "z" as my kids gleefully point out.

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