Thursday, March 13, 2008

My advice for New NY Gov. Paterson

Published in the Rochester D&C (03/13)

Build bridges, eliminate gridlock

Be a "builder", not a "steamroller":

  • Tone down the rhetoric in Albany and focus on specific action plans.
  • Build bridges with all members of the polity to eliminate gridlock.
  • Ensure adherence to high standards of moral and fiscal probity.
  • Within the next 100 days, transform proposals on upstate economic development, education, inner-city crime reduction and health care into executable action plans with clear delivery timelines.
  • Cut the influence of lobbyists and vested interests on Albany decision-making.
  • Launch an initiative to enhance the state's global competitiveness.
  • Visit at least one inner-city school every week to interact with kids and establish a culture of achievement.

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