Monday, June 1, 2009

Battle of the Search Engines Round 1: Google 1, Bing 0

Excited by the hype around Microsoft's new search engine : Bing , I decided to take it out for a quick test drive.
Typed my phone number in and hit the magnifying lens. Well it found me alright but displayed an address which was definitely not mine. Got the town right and the general area but was definitely not my address.
Repeated the test with Google and got the correct address.
If Bing has not been able to synchronize it's search capabilities with the published White Book of major towns it definitely means that it has some more work to do before it is ready to play with the Big Boys (aka Google) and other neighborhood kids with new tricks up their sleeves (Wolfram).
Have you "Bing"ed yet? What is your feedback ?


Rajesh said...

I also tried searching exact word on Bing and Google

Bing found nothing

Google found 3 links

I think bigger new is Google Wave

Anonymous said...

I think Bing is awesome

Flight numbers
Company names

better results

Partho said...

Why does MS have to come out with a me too product in a crowded market - when we look forward to such companies for innovations actually. Next thing they may do is to create problem for viewing google on the IE - but they should know people are liking Mozzila even better...

Bing is not even proposing what Wolfram is promising..

Anonymous said...

Bing is no me too product
It is doing results better from an end-user perspective rather than ad-buyer perspective

try bing a pop star name like "Nick Cave"

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