Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Ultimate Marketing Machine: Ruled by the Head or the Heart?

Caveat Emptor: I am a Big Data/BI/Analytics guy with a Marketing background.
I shudder a bit though when I hear the hype equating Big Data/Analytics Driven Marketing to the Marketer's Magic Wand. A Magic Wand which will bundle up hitherto unidentified customers and deliver them at your doorsteps in neatly labeled packets.
As Marketing increasingly focuses on its "head" (using Big Data and Analytics), there is a danger that it will lose touch with its "heart". The pendulum can swing too far in one direction!
While finding the Right Customer at the Right Time is very important and Big Data/Analytics can help with that, even more important is making the Right Emotional Connection with the Right Customer at the Right Time. So creating the Right Message, Brand Identity et al will continue to be key attributes of Marketing even in 2020 and beyond.
A brand which tugs at my purse-strings will surely get my attention but one which tugs at my heart-strings will be a steady partner.
Successful Marketing Leaders create the right mix and balance of head and heart in their teams. That has been the secret sauce of successful Marketers in the past and will continue to be in the future...2020 and Beyond!

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